5) Blasphemers !
The Bible states that a blasphemer is a person that claim themselves to be God or to assume His authority. There are groups that claim that man, over a process of time, can be god. Think about that! God has placed his signature on all of creation. He has created something from nothing. No man or devil can do this!
A Blasphemer is also one who denies God or insults Him. In our age we are seeing such Heaven-daring rudeness to God as even criminals of the past would have feared to speak or do. And most people laugh at it!

6) Disobedient to Parents!
In the past people still very much respected their parents. Today we see even small children screaming “I Hate You!” at their parent when they have been denied some small indulgence.
Children will tell the parent what they are going to do, like it or not! They have become manipulative of the parents for their own selfish desires. “As for my people, children are their oppressors…” Isaiah 3:12

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