14) Despisers of those that are good-
I remember when good and well doing was admired and promoted on movies and in books. Today the character shown as ‘good’ in a story is usually ridiculed or played down while the wicked are held up as being ‘realistic’.
Many a young person does wickedly merely so his friends won’t call him a sissy or a ‘goody-goody’. Time after time on TV and even cartoons we see the studious and hard-working set out as ‘geeks’ or misfits and the sexually pure are mocked as ‘not with it’ or ‘prudes’.

Even those who want to uphold right will usually say, “well everyone has their own opinions. This is what is right for me!” Rarely do we hear: “This is WRONG!” and almost never: “This is SIN!”

15) Traitors -
Those who betray the trust of others, and behave in a disloyal or treacherous manner

16) Heady -
impetuous: impulsive and rash in behavior; “If it feels good- Do it!”
17) High-minded -
To inflate ones-self with self-conceit, to be lifted up with pride. To think oneself highly important.

18) Lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God!
There has not been any other time in these past two thousand years, since this book of Timothy has been written, that people love their pleasures and entertainment more than they do today. Certainly they love pleasure more than they love God! Even their ‘worship’ of God centers on indulgence, church suppers, and entertainment.
When on every side we hear the chants: "true knowledge places man above all law;" that "whatever is, is right;" that "God doth not condemn;" and that "all sins which are committed are innocent."
When the people are thus led to believe that desire is the highest law, that liberty is license, and that man is accountable only to himself, who can wonder that corruption and depravity teem on every hand?
Multitudes are eagerly accepting teachings that leave them at liberty to obey the promptings of the carnal heart. The reins of self-control are laid upon the neck of lust, the powers of mind and soul are made subject to the animal nature, and Satan exultingly sweeps into his net thousands who profess to be followers of Christ.

These - the teachings of SPIRITUALISM - Are even heard in our pulpits today! And they are called ‘LOVE’ by the deluded.

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