1) … lovers of their own selves,
Have you noticed the shift in focus in these last decades? Where formerly a man was admired as he sacrificed for family; country; God. But now a man boasts of ‘Doing His Own Thing”, and people do not question it. Abandoning others so one can ‘Live His Own Life’ is the ‘IN’ thing!
And what about all the emphasis on ‘Self Gratification & Self Esteem ? ‘Treat yourself: You deserve it!’ “Pamper yourself!”
Where in the not too distant past, people lived worked and co-operated for the sake of their extended families; these days see even teens wanting their “Own Apartments” so they can ‘do as they please.’

2) Covetous !
People now want and want and want, even when they can't afford to have. Even what they have no right to have!

Never before in history have people been more caught up with ‘things’ and the latest gadgetry. Never before has credit been so available but still the cry is More! More! More!

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