(Download PDF)"I will curse your blessings." Malachi 2:2
This tract originated many years ago from the Protestant Truth Society in London and has been reprinted many times. Here it is, updated and entirely relevant in view of the courting of the Papacy today. At least the Papal "blessings" have been consistent!Pope Pius IX sent the Golden Rose ("blessings") to the King of the Two Sicilies, and in less than a year, he lost his crown and kingdom.

The same Pope sent his blessings to the Austrian Kaiser, and in less than a year, he lost Venetia and suffered defeat at Sadowa.
The same Pope sent the Golden Rose ("blessings") to Queen Isabella of Spain, and in a short time, she lost her crown and died in exile.
He sent his Golden Rose ("blessings") to the Empress Eugenie of France, and in less than a year, the Emperor and Empress lost their crowns, and both died later in exile, and their only son was killed by Zulus in Africa.

The Empress of Brazil was blessed by the Pope. She broke her leg three days after, and she and the Emperor were dethroned and died in exile.

The Crown Princess of Brazil was blessed by the Pope, with the result that her baby was born deformed, and she died in exile.

The Pope blessed the Emperor of Mexico, Maximilian. He was dethroned and killed by his people.

The Pope blessed the Emperor’s widow. She became a hopeless maniac and died in exile.
The Pope blessed a steamer filled with nuns enroute to South America in 1870. It never reached its destination, every soul perishing.

The Pope blessed the floating palace bound from Monte Video to Buenos Aires. It foundered two days later.

The Pope blessed General Boulanger and in less than two weeks he was in exile, later committing suicide.

Mrs. Sherman, wife of the American General Sherman, received the Golden Rose ("blessing" from the Pope). It proved fatal, and she died soon after.

Dr. Windhorst received the Papal "Order of Christ", he died in less than a year.
In 1895, the Archbishop of Damascus, at Vittoria, gave the Pope’s blessings to the Spanish troops and fleet, with the result, Spain lost two fleets and two armies.

The Queen Regent of Spain and King Alfonso were blessed by the Pope. They promptly lost Cuba and the Philippines.

In 1897, the Papal Nuncio blessed the grand "Charity" bazaar in Paris. Within five minutes, it was in flames and nearly 150 of the aristocracy perished, including the sister of the Empress of Austria.

The poor Empress of Austria received the Golden Rose (the "blessing" from the Pope). It was her death knell. She was murdered in Switzerland, her only son committing suicide previously and her nephew losing his throne subsequently, while Austria has ceased to exist as an Empire.
King Edward VII of Britain visited the Pope and received, as a mark of favor, a signed photograph of Pope Leo XIII. At once came news of a reverse to British troops in Somaliland, and the king’s health began to fail and was never restored.

The Pope blessed Lord Denbigh, the special envoy of the British Sovereign. That very day, disaster befell the British Army in South Africa—Lord Methuen being severely wounded, and the papists in Parliament cheered the news.

Princess Ena of Battenberg received the Pope’s blessing on her perversion and marriage, 1906. On the same day as the wedding, she narrowly escaped death at the hands of a Romish anarchist, some thirteen hapless victims succumbing, and eighty others being wounded. Her wedding garments were spattered with blood. One, at least, of her sons was afflicted bodily. May 29th, 1923, the Pope gave the Golden Rose (his "blessing") to the Queen of Spain (Princess Ena of Battenberg). In May 1931, she, with her husband, King Alfonso XIII, lost their throne and fled Spain.

The Pope blessed Queen Natalie of Servia on her perversion in 1906. She ended her days as a fugitive in exile, her only son, the king, being murdered.

The Queen of Portugal, one of the Orleans, was blessed by the Pope. Her husband, the king, and her eldest son were murdered beside her in a carriage, and she and her surviving son escaped as exiles to England, throneless. Portugal has been a republic ever since.

At the height of his power, the German Kaiser visited the Pope, and received his blessing. 1908. He lost his throne in 1918 and died in exile. Germany became a crushed and humiliated republic.
In 1914, a rich English land owner, Dyer Edwards, turned papist. In 1916, he went to Rome, was "blessed" by the Pope, and in four days was dead.

In 1928, the Pope blessed the ‘Italia’ airship and gave it a cross to place on the North Pole. The result was fatal. The airship foundered and broke in two—half its crew being lost whilst General Nobile was severely injured and was later censured by an Italian committee. It was the greatest fiasco of that time.

After Mussolini had murdered the people of Abyssinia and sacked their country, the Pope blessed the Italians as "a great and good people." Mussolini came to an inglorious end and was hung upside down and his body mutilated.

On July 2nd, 1963, President Kennedy of the U.S.A. was received and blessed by Pope Paul VI. He was assassinated, murdered, in Texas in November of that year.

In 1964 Pope Paul presented the Golden Rose to Bethlehem. Trouble ahead?

In 1964 Queen Elizabeth II visited the Pope, complying with his request to be dressed in black. Since then her once proud Empire has collapsed and her island is seeking to lose its identity and be gobbled up in Europe under the Treaty of Rome, to be subjugated as thoroughly as though the Pope’s protégé, Hitler, had won the war.

President Sukarno of Indonesia received from the Pope a few years ago, the highest Papal honor which can be bestowed on a layman. His regime has since ended in ignominy.

Arthur Calwell, leader of Australia’s great Labor Party, received a Papal knighthood. His promising career soon came to an end and he has gone into political oblivion.

When Pope Paul visited India, a converted RC crusader H. Rodrigus, was jailed for the duration as a precaution against riots. The worst drought in history followed and the famine is still raging.
The Pope announced he was paying a visit to the shrine of Fatima in Portugal. A week before he arrived, a little girl was killed by a bolt of lightning whilst standing against the shrine.

On 24 April 1966 King Constantine and Queen Marie of Greece have an audience with the Pope. On 21 April 1967 some army officers oust King Constantine in a coup-de-tat. On 12 December 1967 the King and his family flee from Greece after a counter "coup" in the King’s favor fails. They now live in exile in Rome.

On 5 October 1965 Pope Paul VI visits New York City, to address the United Nations General Assembly. He is met privately by President Johnson, who hails the visit as a great occasion for the USA. He introduces his wife and daughter to the Pope, and thereafter frequently attends mass at Roman Catholic cathedrals. Johnson's popularity as President steadily declined after the 1966 elections. On 1 April 1968 President Johnson virtually resigns by announcing he will not stand for re-election. His three years in office were among the most tragic in American History. More than half a million US troops were sent to Vietnam without decisive results. He had to cope with anti-war demonstrations, unrest on the campus and Negro riots. The prestige of the USA abroad was at its lowest. Johnson died after suffering his third heart attack, on January 22, 1973.

On 12 May 1964, King Hussein of Jordan audiences. On the 5 June 1967, his armies are defeated by Israel in the six-day war. He loses territory to the state of Israel.

On 7 March 1963, Nikita Khrushchev did not have a direct audience with the Pope, but worked to improve Vatican-Soviet relations. He would not go himself, but sent his son-in-law, A.I. Adzubel and wife to audience with the Pope on 7 March 1963. On 16 October 1964, Mr. Khrushchev is ousted from his powerful position as First Secretary of the USSR. From then on he fades from the political scene.

On 2 July 1963, President John F. Kennedy audiences with the Pope for his blessing. He committed more troops to Vietnam soon after, completely involving the USA in the war. On 22 November 1963, President Kennedy is assassinated.

On 5 February 1967, Senator Robert F. Kennedy audiences with the Pope at the start of his election campaign. On 6 June 1968, Senator Kennedy is assassinated.

On 1 June 1967, General De Gaulle, who along with the "Big Three" refused to allow the Vatican any representation on the Peace Council after the defeat of the Axis Powers, seeks reconciliation with the Papacy and audiences with the Pope. On 24 August 1969, De Gaulle resigns after the defeat of his Constitutional Reform Bill.

On 12 October 1964, President Sockarno of Indonesia at the height of his power, audiences with the Pope and receives the highest Papal honor for a layman, He is deposed from office in 1967. (repeat?)

On 31 July 1969, Pope Paul VI visits Uganda at the invitation of President Dr. Milton Obote, who is knighted by the Pope at a special ceremony at which he blesses the people of Uganda. Dr. Obote is deposed in 1971 (January) and is now in exile as a result coup-de-tat by an army office Idi Amin. On 10 September 1975, President Idi Amin audiences with the Pope. Liberation forces from neighboring Tanzania defeat the armies of Idi Amin on 12 April 1979 and he is now in exile.
On 12 May 1967 Pope Paul VI visits Fatima in Portugal and is warmly welcomed by the Premier, Dr. Salazar. On 8 September 1968 Dr. Salazar has a stroke and is partly paralyzed. He is replaced in office by Dr. Caetano.

On 30 November 1970, Pope Paul VI visits Pakistan to see cyclone damage and sympathize with victims. In March 1971, civil war breaks out and lasts more than a year. Many hundreds of thousands die, and millions become refugees. In April 1972 President Yahaya Khan, who allowed the visit is deposed after his armies are defeated in war against India.

On 29 September 1970, President Nixon visited the Pope to tell him of his decision to withdraw all American troops from Vietnam. He is coolly received with no blessing. In 1972 President Nixon wins the Presidency with a comfortable majority. Unfortunately, the story does not end here for Richard Nixon. He compromised by appointing a personal envoy to the Vatican, as the US constitution does not allow official representation. On 21 December 1972, Nixon’s son-in-law and daughter (nee Patricia Nixon) audiences with the Pope. On August 24 1974, President Nixon is forced to resign ignominiously over the Watergate Affair.

On 10 October 1970, Emperor Haille Sellasie of Ethiopia audiences. In 1972-73 his country is hit by a severe drought and famine. In August 1974 he is deposed in a coup-de-tat and the Army takes over. He dies in captivity on 27 August 1975.

On 14 November 1972, Ex -President Peron audiences with the Pope before returning to Argentina as new president. On 2 July 1974 President Peron dies of a heart attack one year after taking office.

On 9 April 1973 President Thieu of South Vietnam audiences. On 24 July 1975, the armies of South Vietnam are completely routed by the Viet Kong and North Vietnam. Thieu resigns and flees from the country .

On .5 October 1972 Prime Minister Edward Heath of Great Britain audiences. On 17 December 1973 Britain drifts into its grimmest economic and industrial crisis since World War II On 4 March 1974, the Conservative party is defeated. Edward Heath resigns and in February 1975 he is deposed from party leadership by Margaret Thatcher.

On 1 December 1970, Pope Paul VI visits Australia and is welcomed by Prime Minister John S. Gorton. In March 1971 he is deposed from part leadership and reverts to a back bencher in August of that year. On 2 December 1972 the Liberal-Country Party that permitted this visit is defeated at the elections overwhelmingly in spite of official support from the Church of Rome. Mr. Gough Witlam becomes Prime Minister.

When Pope Paul VI visited Australia in 1970, he pronounced his blessing on Australia. "May God bless the Great Australian Nation, May He grant it peace and prosperity." His followers were delighted and expected great benefit to the nation, but this is what actually happened. On 27 April 1973, Prime Minister Whitlam audiences with the Pope, and a few months later opens diplomatic relations with the Vatican, for the first time in the nation’s history —and with out any mandate from the people. In the period that followed, the country is hit by frequent strikes, intemperate demands for wage rises, business recession, record rate of inflation of 17% and serious unemployment from which the nation in 1982 had not yet recovered. On 25 December 1974, the city of Darwin is destroyed by a monstrous cyclone. On 13 December 1975, the Australian Labor Party is overwhelmingly defeated at the polls. Mr. Malcolm Fraser becomes Prime Minister. On 10 December 1977 the Australian Labor Party is again overwhelmingly defeated at the polls. Mr. Whitlam resigns from leadership of the ALP.

On 4 June 1977, Mr. Malcom Fraser, Prime Minister audiences with the Pope. We were wondering what disaster would befall Mr. Fraser as a result, but instead, on 6 August 1978, Pope Paul VI dies! Three months later, his successor, Pope John Paul I also dies unexpectedly. Mr. Fraser, however, is not yet out of the wood. His formula for curing the nation of inflation has met with disaster, for the nation is hit with the highest unemployment ever!

On 4 June 1975, President and Mrs. Ford audience with the Pope. On 4 November 1976 President Ford is defeated at the elections and Jimmy Carter becomes President.

Poland was visited by Pope John Paul II, 2 -11 June 1979, at the invitation of Chairman Edward Giereke, and was received by the people with overwhelming enthusiasm, as though he were a god. Sixteen months later, in September 1980, Mr. Giereke is sacked from office, following industrial unrest caused by Solidarity. Poland now suffers from high inflation, food shortage, and a record national debt of more than $25,000 million!

Mr. Lech Walesa, who emerged as leader of Solidarity, had an audience with the Pope on 14 January 1981 and received his "blessing", hoping thereby to strengthen his position and that of Solidarity. Instead on 14 December 1981, Solidarity is stripped of all its power by the imposition of martial law, and Mr. Walesa is held in military detention.

Pope John Paul visited the Philippine Islands on February 23 in 1980, as usual kissing the soil and blessing these islands. Since then these islands have been devastated by typhoon Kelly (3/7/81) Lynn (6/7/81) Clara (28/9/81) Irma (28/11/81) and Lee (28/12/81) with much loss of life and millions of dollars damage. Cardinal Sin, Archbishop of Manila, in another context is reported to have warned that the conditions in the Philippines are worsening, (The Age 2/1/81)
President Sadat of Egypt had an audience with the Pope on 14 February 1978. He was assassinated on 7 October 1981.

Prime Minister Masayashi Ohira welcomed the Pope John Paul II to Japan on 23 February 1980. He died of a heart attack on 12 June of the same year.

On May 1980, Pope John Paul II visited Accra in Ghana and is welcomed by Pres. Hilla Limann. On 1 January, 1982, a military coup-de-tat led by Fl Lt. Jerry Rawlings, ousts the government of Pres. Limann because of alleged corruption. He is arrested while attempting to flee the country.

On 2 June 1980, Pope John Paul II visited France and was given a state reception by Pres. Valery Giseard D’Estaing who also had a private audience with him. Hardly a year later in May 1981 he is defeated at the elections by Mr. François Mitterand the Socialist Party leader.

In December 1979 Pope John Paul II visited Turkey and was received as head of state by Prime Minister Suleiman Demirel. On 12 September 1980 Mr. Demirel is deposed in a bloodless coup-de-tat by Turkey’s military leaders led by Gen. Kenan Evren.

President Jimmy Carter not only highly eulogized Pope John Paul II when he visited the USA in October 1979, but even invited him to the White House and to address Congress! He followed it up by making a personal visit to the Vatican on 23 June 1980. He was soundly defeated at the elections in December 1980 by Mr. Ronald Reagan, who won a landslide victory. The double Papal "blessing" did not help!

Britain accepts the favor of a Papal visit—the first ever. Timed for May 1982, she is plunged into war with 95% Romanist Argentina only weeks before.

Now Ronald Reagan is to visit the Pope en route to Versailles. (What came of that?)
One of the classic examples of the Pope’s blessings boomeranging is that of Pakistan and India. A few years ago, the Pope visited these two unfortunate countries, and while it is true, famine and flood are no strangers to these two countries, the fact remains that no disaster in living memory was so intense and destructive as the floods which struck those countries in the year of 1970, unless it be the present cholera epidemic.

One could go on and on enumerating cases as above, but there is enough listed to prove that they are not coincidental.

If Papal blessings spell disaster, what of the CURSES of the Popes? Yes, they run in reverse, as the following one or two examples will demonstrate.

Pope Pius IX cursed King Victor Emmanuel, the liberator of Italy, and also the Italian Government that made Italy free and Rome its capital. The result has been the rise of Italy to the status of a modern civilized nation, and only suffered a set-back when the Pope blessed Mussolini and his troops.

Garibaldi was excommunicated by the Pope for all his patriotic endeavors, especially the overthrow of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. He became Italy’s hero, whose name was, and is, everywhere revered, and to whom noble monuments were erected.

When Bismark and the King of Prussia proscribed the Jesuits, the Pope cursed Prussia, with the result that it became a Great Power, overthrew Austria and France, and was for years the most powerful Empire in Western Europe—until, in an evil day, its ruler fraternized with the Pope.

The Papal curses, which the Popes leveled against Henry VIII, Queen Elizabeth, Sir Francis Drake and his merry men, brought untold blessings on England, while Papal blessings to Ireland have proved its ruin. How carefully therefore, should British sovereigns avoid by all means any interaction with the Papacy! Present day events tragically show that they have not learned their lesson after all!

It should go without saying, that everyone who values their lives and souls should shun the Vatican and the Pope like poison and have no communication or business with Rome.
It sure makes you wonder about all the times our 'leadership' in the denomination has RCC clergy to 'bless' our functions and pray and even preside in our college weeks of prayer!!!
Think also how things are ‘Prospering’ in the USA since all this buddy-buddy relations with the Vatican!

Do you realize that it was immediately after Constantine put forth Sunday Laws that Rome’s mighty Empire began to crumble! History shows the truth for those who wish to see it.

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