9) Without natural affection!
Jude 10 refers to such a person as a "Brute Beast", then continues to say "Woe unto them for they have gone the way of Cain". Cain murdered his brother Able because Able tried to warn him not to sin! Selfishness is the root of this lack of love.
Natural affection is the love that God placed within our being to have for one another. We are now living in a time where a child growing in its mother’s womb is worth only the amount of money required to abort it. God wants us to love one another!
10) Trucebreakers -
Breaking agreements and promises whenever it is convenient to do so.

11) False Accusers -
to charge somebody falsely who is not guilty of crime or what we accuse them of.

12) Incontinent -
unrestrained and uncontrolled, primarily lacking restraint in sexual matters. Not only is this rampant in the world today but even amongst professing Christians and mostly people ignore it.
13) Fierce -
showing aggression or anger. More and more people are impatient and quick to wrath than ever before. People will blow you away for cutting them off in traffic.

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