The view of God’s Page, is to help spread truth of God’s Holy Word. It’s thought to aid in shedding light on events of History, in earth’s present day, in the fate of human kind, and the world according to Scripture as written in Daniel and Revelation. Because of this, God’s Page is inspired for God, to plant seeds of truth for His people to be led out of darkness.

Here on God’s Page, you will find several links that may assist you in a more personal relationship with the Lord of heaven and earth. With that in mind, God’s Page, tries to bring new information weekly, from the Bible, web sites, articles, sermons, books, facts, stories, video’s or the latest series available and more.

God’s Page has also made a Group entitled, ‘Truth For These End Times by God’s Page’, on the Group you can discuss whatever religious or spiritual concerns you may have, etc… Or you can simply join ‘Truth for These End Time [Blog] by God’s Page.

Since ‘The Three Angels Message’ must go out, and many of God’s people are working diligently to spread The Lord’s Word to the entire world, we must study His Word,
“For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little and there a little” Isaiah, 28:10.

The truth is out there! Perhaps you can lend a hand, spreading the seeds of truth as printed in Revelation 14, so our Lord and Savior can come and take us home. May the Holy Spirit be with you as He unfolds these wonderful and precious truths of life’s greatest mysteries.

May God bless you,

Truth for These End Times –God’s Page

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