1. How did the Universe Originate?
Many atheists believe matter and energy originated from nothing. But the First Law of Thermodynamics states matter and Energy is neither created nor destroyed, " thus atheists violate this Law of Science.
2. How did Order Originate?
The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics states a system (like the Universe) will go from Order to Disorder over time. But atheists argue the Universe went from chaos and disorder (a big bang) to an orderly Universe.
3. How did Life Originate?
Atheists believe living organisms first arose from nonliving matter. However the Law of Biogenesis and the Cell Theory states: "Life only comes from life." Thus atheists violate these foundations of Biology.
4. Was there a Cause for People?
The Law of Causality states: Every effect must have a cause. "Atheists would argue there was a cause for a pencil, but they argue there was no cause for people. Thus atheists violate the Law of Causality.
5. Everyone knows Mount Rushmore was the result of intelligent design. Do you think the human body is the result of intelligent design?
Laws of science show that it takes more faith to be an atheist then it does to believe in God.

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